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24-28 April 2023

Mirage Park Resort Hotel - Antalya / Türkiye


MPEG 142 Logo

24-28 April 2023

Mirage Park Resort Hotel - Antalya / Türkiye

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Simone Ferrara

United Kingdom - 05.05.2023 02:41:36

Great organization, location and hospitality, thanks Ali and the team for making it such a great meeting!

Mathias Wien

Germany - 04.05.2023 09:31:45

Very productive meeting, one of the best rooms for on-site visual testing ever!

Gaelle Martin-Cocher

Canada - 03.05.2023 14:55:55

Wonderful host, always available to accommodate last minute requests, perfect internet connection, plenty of meeting rooms, various events all along the week to break with the monotony of meetings. Thanks Ali and all.

Jonathan Gan

Australia - 02.05.2023 22:54:50

Excellent WiFi, all-hours food availability, and very helpful staff made this a great venue for hosting the meeting. Would be happy to come here again.

Fangjun Pu

United States - 02.05.2023 22:46:59

Thanks for organizing this efficient and productive meeting. It's a wonderful experience for me. I really appreciate the hotel facilities, the food and the weather. I would like to return to Turkey again.

Youngkwon Lim

Korea, South - 02.05.2023 22:43:21

Absolutely no issue with Internet!!! Only complaint is there were no time to enjoy the beach and other great resort activities except the restaurants. Purely my fault though. Thank you Ali and all the people who have organized and supported the meeting. Souvenirs were also great. Nothing to throw away.

Lu Yu

China - 02.05.2023 18:02:47

Thanks to Ali Begen and his team for all the efforts to organize such an impressive meeting. Nice meeting venue, great WiFi, great audio support, great food services and great weather.
Special thanks for your kind offer of a social event for the working group :-)
Wish to have another similar MPEG meeting in Turkey.

Peng Yin

United States - 02.05.2023 14:27:00

Great meeting locations and wonderful food, hosting, etc. No more worry about meeting being late without food. I would love to return to Turkey again. Many Thanks for the organizer!!

Franck Denoual

France - 02.05.2023 13:31:26

Thank you Ali and congratulations to all the organization team for this unforgettable meeting, in a very nice place.

Stephan Schreiner

Germany - 02.05.2023 13:06:08

Thank your for a well organized meeting at a great venue!
Finally, getting together face-to-face in an environment allowing to focus on what's really important can't be rated high enough after so many virtual meetings.

Walt Husak

United States - 02.05.2023 07:20:51

The meeting location was fantastic. The hosts and the hotel staff were wonderful and very attentive. The social and the concert were very entertaining. Would love to return to Turkey again.

Chris Rosewarne

Australia - 02.05.2023 04:50:07

Great venue, food, and hosting for this resumption of all MPEGs WGs meeting together again after the last few years.

Serhan Gül

Germany - 01.05.2023 11:44:39

This was a superbly organized meeting at a nice location with excellent facilities. Big thanks to everyone involved in the organization, especially Ali for making this possible! Hoping to see more meetings in Turkey in the future, and not just MPEG but also from other standardization bodies.

Emre Aksu

Finland - 01.05.2023 10:44:15

This was one of the best MPEG meeting organizations and it raised the bar even higher. Venue was excellent. Meeting facilities were great. Food services were excellent. No need to seek for food after late night sessions. Connectivity was great as well. Thanks to Ali Begen and MPEG 142 organization team for such a successful setup and hospitality.
Looking forward to be back to Antalya again...

Iraj Sodagar

United States - 01.05.2023 07:09:07

Thanks for organizing this meeting. Everything was excellent. Meeting rooms, hotel and facilities. All inclusive saved us a lot of time, so we can allocate more time to meeting and progress of work. The food was excellent and of good variety. The reception was entertaining.The meeting organizers staffs were very helpful. Thank you, again!

Ye-Kui Wang

United States - 01.05.2023 02:17:47

Great arrangements, great meeting facilities, great WiFi, great audio support team, great food, great weather, great sea, great canyon, great old city. Not so great airline though (missed luggage AND missed flight delayed returning home for 12 more hours).

Per Fröjdh

Sweden - 01.05.2023 00:27:54

A big hand to Ali for a well-organized meeting in beautiful Antalya! It's an impressive venue with excellent meeting facilities and a relaxed atmosphere for networking.


The Netherlands - 30.04.2023 22:54:38

Attended mpeg 142, everything was excellent the facilities the food and the friendly staff, I had a great time and hope to return. Thanks for everyone for organizing the event!

Igor Curcio

Finland - 30.04.2023 22:04:50

Thanks for organizing the event. It was my first MPEG meeting after COVID and the re-start was really great. Excellent location, great unlimited food and plenty of space for meetings. Let me suggest one thing: in case there will be a future meeting in Turkey, could this be organized at the beginning of July, so we could fully take advantage of the summer weather and the hotel facilities?

Ekrem Çetinkaya

Turkiye - 29.04.2023 19:39:34

The first MPEG experience could not have been better for me. From the venue to the organization , everything was top-notch. Great hotel, great food, great view, and great environment.

Werner Bailer

Austria - 28.04.2023 18:30:53

Thanks for this great meeting at a very nice location, and the organizers for their great efforts making this an efficient and enjoyable meeting!

Sean McCarthy

United States - 28.04.2023 18:18:44

Thank you for the hospitality and wonderful experience. One of the best venues for MPEG and JVET meetings! I really appreciate the organizers work that helped make our meeting efficient and productive.

Arian Koster

The Netherlands - 28.04.2023 18:15:45

This was my first f2f MPEG meeting in over 25 years. Last one was beginnings of the 90's in Paris. So much has changed, and so much is still the same. It was very nice to meet up with old friends and making new ones. Thanks Ail for the excellent organization of the meeting, bringing in extra 4G capacity, very fast internet, superb social event, and the many more things you did

Evangelos Alexiou

The Netherlands - 28.04.2023 18:14:24

Thank you for this excellent organization of the MPEG 142. Great experience!

Arianne Hinds

United States - 28.04.2023 17:44:58

Thank you for such a wonderful meeting. Everything was fabulous, from meeting venue, Internet access, coffee breaks, food, and thorough organization. I can tell that you put a lot of effort into making everyone feel especially welcomed. Excellent job both from you Ali and the meeting organizers. Nicely done!!

Hanming Wang

China - 28.04.2023 17:44:55

Very beautiful hotel. Great view, Great food, and Great service. What a fantastic meeting experience! Thank you!

Zafer Gurel

Turkiye - 28.04.2023 17:18:01

It was my first MPEG meeting and a great experience. Thank you for all the hard work and the perfect organization.

Michael Dolan

United States - 28.04.2023 17:13:48

By far the best MPEG meeting logistics, organization, locale, attendee cost, on-property food, etc in decades of attendance. Well done!


China - 28.04.2023 16:36:25

Loved the venue and enjoyed the meeting. Very delicious food and great service.

Phillip Maness

United States - 28.04.2023 15:20:32

This is an MPEG meeting for the ages. Thank you to the organizers and especially Ali for persisting through worldwide events that seemed destined to make it not happen. 3rd time's the charm!

Christian Timmerer

Austria - 27.04.2023 10:49:38

Thank you for organizing the 142nd MPEG meeting. It is/was a lovely experience, and I hope we can return soon.


Turkiye - 26.04.2023 11:01:52

It was a great opportunity be a part of the event. Thanks for the perfect organization.

xiaojun gu

China - 25.04.2023 23:37:29

a perfect organizer and impressive meetings.